View Full Version : Fall colors in California NOW!

Per Volquartz
13-Oct-2003, 10:56
- Just received a call on my cell from David Henry of the newspaper the Sacramento Bee. Dave was at our Free workshop at Mt. Shasta last week, while on a month long assignment for the Bee = in search of fall colors. He just reported from the top of Conway summit that everything is ablaze - even Aspens are red!. According to him Lundy Canyon and Virginia Lakes are incredible right now!

If you want to shoot fall foliage this week is the time to do so in the upper Owens Valley, June Lake loop, Lundy Canyon and Virginia Lakes!

Email David (he brought his laptop and cell phone connection)! His email address is: DHenry@sacbee.com

John Kasaian
13-Oct-2003, 12:20

I just got in from HWY 395 Saturday night. The aspens were bright gold with a little greenery and the reds just starting in the canyons between Lee Vining and Bishop. Ity should be quite a show by now! I heard that friday night in Mammoth it got down to 20 degrees(?) BTW if anyones heading that way check out the Whoa Nellie Deli at the Mobil station on 120 and 395. No joke! The best seared ahi salad on the face of the earth! I had halibut friday, it came smothered with chopped basil on a bed of penne pasta with a cream lobster sauce and garlic bread. A glass of chardonnay and the Cubs on the television---priceless!

Ed Pierce
13-Oct-2003, 13:16
The colors are also in full swing in Vermont; the hills are on fire. Act fast...there's maybe a week left. Then it's ice season!

Georges Pelpel
13-Oct-2003, 16:55
Yes, it was cold in the tent Friday night and Saturday morning (24 degrees at the Mono Lake shores) but Saturday was balmy, 10 degrees warmer. There's a warming trend now. Lundy Canyon and June Lake Loop are starting to peak, they should be great next weekend. Conway Summit is peaking right now as well as the road to Virginia Lakes. The hills above June Lake Loop were amazing yesterday. We have seen more red and orange trees than in the last couple of years.

Jim Galli
13-Oct-2003, 20:34
Per, is your site broken? I haven't been able to E-mail you. Jim Galli

Per Volquartz
13-Oct-2003, 23:11
Site should be working tomorrow sorry!

Jim, you missed all the wine from Durst USA! They sent two cases plus CD's Plus brochures...

Will send you a couple of bottles, And will email you ASAP after my site works again!

How was Mosspray Falls in the AM?

Jim Galli
14-Oct-2003, 07:27
Hi Per. The falls were gorgeous. Some of the best shots of the trip. Wine! OhBoyOhBoyOhBoyOhBoy! jg

Jim Galli
18-Oct-2003, 00:44
UPDATE! Drove down through this area today and thanks to a brief cold snap last weekend followed by a return to mild temperatures the trees are still incredible. Some are RED! Rarely seen in Aspens. They usually go green-yellow-gold-orange. It takes near perfect conditions to snap them red. Returning with the Mamiya and Nikon tomorrow armed with Velvia, Kodak VS and filters. Never used an enhancing filter before but will give that a try tomorrow.