View Full Version : Toyo-View 45F knob screw repair?

30-Nov-2011, 09:01
I've recently acquired a Toyo-View (or Omega-View) 45F.

The front/rear standards have the screw posts broken off that allow for the tilt. I have the knobs, but there seems to be no way to remove and replace the broken off screw posts. Image attached.

Anyone have any ideas? The camera is still functional, as the knobs on the other side are still fine. It'd cost me WAY more than I paid for the camera to have to replace both standards.

Tracy Storer
30-Nov-2011, 09:25
It's hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like the broken posts are integral to the wide/washer-like parts behind them. These may in turn, have a threaded post on the back that screws into the standard. That screw may or may not be the same thread as the outward/broken posts. It's an older camera, so there's no telling if parts are still available. Why not call them and be prepared to send a higher-res image?

If you strike out with Toyo, and the part DOES unscrew, and the thread is the same front and back, you could replace with a full length threaded post and washer. (after correctly identifying the thread)
Good luck !

30-Nov-2011, 09:28
I bought some parts recently for a Toyo G. They cost an obscene amount of money ($100 for 3 small lever handles) and then I couldn't manage to get them on the camera once I got them. And managed to further damage the camera in the process. For the record, I'm moderately handy. Just saying. You might be throwing good money after bad if you put a lot into this camera.

30-Nov-2011, 09:42
You can look for a user to keep handy for spare parts.
When I used Toyo G, I would buy standards or even entire camera outfits to use as spares; I only bought them when they were ridiculously cheap, of course.
Toyo will send you an exploded parts diagram by email if you contact them, so you can find out whether or not these screws can be removed.
Good luck.

30-Nov-2011, 10:00
I'm not at all opposed to epoxying some hardware store bolts in there if I can get the posts out, so I guess that's question #1 for when I get out of work.

Ideally I'd love to have a box of scavenge parts around. At one point I owned three Kievs just so I could maintain one!

Gem Singer
30-Nov-2011, 11:18

I have a Toyo/Omega 45E, one model earlier than your 45F. The difference between the two is that the 45F has the ability to use interchangeable bellows. Your picture shows the camera with the wide angle (bag) bellows.

Toyo/Omega cameras were made by Saki Engineering, in Japan. Distributed in the USA by Berkley Marketing (Omega). Long out of business.

MAC (Mamiya America) distributes Toyo View cameras in the USA. They might handle a few Toyo/Omega parts. Very pricey.

If the threaded posts are broken off inside of the knobs, the first challenge is to remove them from the knobs. Difficult to do.

The second challenge is to remove the part from the camera that originally held the threaded post. Not an easy job.

The threaded posts have a small un-threaded area that allows the aluminum angle arms to operate smoothly. The part that connects the post assembly to the camera is threaded into the metal front and rear standards. Difficult to remove.

When I needed parts for my Toyo/Omega 45E , I purchased a junker camera from KEH and salvaged the useable parts. Still have the knobs.

You might contact KEH and ask them if they have a well used 45E or 45F that they are willing to sell for cheap. Probably the least expensive path to follow.

30-Nov-2011, 12:22
I have a toyo 45F. This is happy news for two reasons:

1. I can look on mine and see what replacing those pieces would take.

2. If it's unfixable, I'll buy your bag bellows.

I'll let you know when I get home tonight what I find out about the posts.

1-Dec-2011, 02:36
Parts for the older Toyo cameras would be extremely difficult to find.
Your best bets are:
a. take the camera to your local hardware store to see if you can find anything suitable;
b. buy a junker to use for parts;
c. buy a similar camera in good condition and use this one for parts, or
d. use the camera as is, since it is still functional.


1-Dec-2011, 06:29
Well, a little research with a pair of pliers and elbow grease indicates that these posts will not be removed. Looks like I'll be replacing the standards when/if affordable replacements are available.

Luckily, as stated above, the camera is usable in it's current state.

Thanks all!