View Full Version : Scrtched 80A filter---is it worth getting?

John Kasaian
29-Nov-2011, 18:04
I found a 4"x4" Wratten 80A fliter for my B&W fog shots, but its scratched---yet for $5 its tempting. Do you think a scratch would cause signifcant degradation? Many of my lenses have those "cleaning whisps" eBay sellers are so fond of:rolleyes: but I've yet to be dissppointed by the performance, I would think a scratch on filter would be less of an issue. Your thoughts?

29-Nov-2011, 19:17
It should be fine-if it's not it's $5.

Jim Michael
29-Nov-2011, 19:28
As you close down defects on filters become more visible.

Merg Ross
29-Nov-2011, 19:34
Hi John, this obviously depends on the severity of the scratches. Will you be using it behind or in front of the lens? I used the 80A a lot in my architectural work (daylight/tungsten conversion). Remember the factor (= two stops) and don't over-expose those fog shots. There was plenty of it here today, I reckon more down your way.


John Kasaian
29-Nov-2011, 22:56
Merg, I have a Lee Gel Snap filter holder so I could use it either on the front or rear of the lens. Which postion would you recommend?

Merg Ross
30-Nov-2011, 09:18
John, I would go ahead and place it in front of the lens, probably better considering the scratches.

John Kasaian
30-Nov-2011, 09:23
Thanks Merg!

Brian Ellis
30-Nov-2011, 13:55
For $5 I'd buy it and see.