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John Kasaian
12-Oct-2003, 23:24
I just got a copy of Two-Hearted Oak and its become a favorite.

I happen to live in the San Joaquin Valley, which is not considered by most to be particularly photogenic. Perhaps this is because of the proximity to Yosemite, Big Sur, and Death Valley, or maybe because of pollution and urban blight. I don't know.

Loranc gives the San Joaquin Valley landscape a dignity I hadn't seen before. The ancient valley oaks loom like giants of a past age. A slough inspires as much romance as the lagoons of Venice. A vineyard stands in orderly contrast to a low, wild stampede of clouds which nourish both the soil with moisture and soul. These images are joined with visions of Vilnius and Poland. Classic european beauty that satisfies with it's history and architectural elements. Quite the opposite I'd think from the american West(at least my corner of it) but the mood this diversity of locations presents is oddly identical. Loranc does this not by "lowering" europe to match the vin ordinaire of the San Joaquin Valley, nor by elevating the sow's ear(SJV) into a fine european silk purse. The landscapes are equally beautiful and as seen through Roman Loranc's ground glass, rendered in the immediate telling present, although paradoxically they could easily have been taken 75 or 100 years ago. They are timeless. I like paradoxes!

This one will join Vittorio Sella and Bradford Washburn in my bookshelf as one of the books I look at for inspiration.

What do you think?

Steve Sherman
13-Oct-2003, 04:12
John, Washburn's and Sella's books are two of my favorites. I know of Roman Loranc's beautiful web site. Where can I get his book, we must appreciate the same things. Thanks for the heads up.

Joakim Ahnfelt
13-Oct-2003, 06:24
Do you have the adress of Roman Loranc's beautiful web site?

Ralph Barker
13-Oct-2003, 07:59
Try http://www.romanloranc.com/.

John Kasaian
13-Oct-2003, 08:12

I got my copy at the Ansel Adams Gallery. You can also order it directly from the publisher at www.heydaybooks.com and probably from Loranc's website as well.


Geoffrey Swenson
13-Oct-2003, 09:49
Now here is a photographer whose work is worthy of admiration. Solid, wonderful work. Iíve known his images for years and Iíve had the same appreciation towards it as John has. Lorancís work is not the same old boring interpretation of ďTrees and MoundsĒ.

By the way, I am not impressed by the design of his website. It is not suited to this exceptional photography.

Nick Morris
16-Oct-2003, 04:46
I just bought this book in Lexington Virginia at the Lexington Art Gallery, which features fine art photography. Among others, the gallery has had Roman's work and is currently hanging a Rolf Horn show. The book has also become a favorite for me, outstanding work.

Ed Candland
17-Oct-2003, 10:58
I first became aware of Roman Loranc's work from the portfolio in the Sept/Oct 2002 issue of View Camera. I must say I was very impressed. I also got a kick out of the comment that Roman shoots "the majority of his photographs with a 210 Nikkor lens". Just goes to show that one doesn't need a bag of the latest equipment with 37 different lenses to do good work. One camera, one lens, and a good eye can do the trick.