View Full Version : Advice Requested: Storing Platinum Prints

29-Nov-2011, 14:28
I am now in the process of printing multiple limited edition platinum/palladium prints (11x14 and larger) for a personal project. I know that the prints are very archival, but do you recommend storing them in a light tight print box, do you put tissue paper between them, etc? I plan on storing some of them for about a year and then they will be matted and framed. Thanks in advance for your guidance!

Jim Noel
29-Nov-2011, 15:55
Mine are stored in a flat file. I don't use separating tissues and have not had a problem with scratches or other marring of the surface. I need to say that I print with very large margins so that damage to the edges of the paper are of no concern.

Dave Aharonian
1-Dec-2011, 00:32
I agree with Jim, I keep my platinum prints in archival boxes with no paper between them and have never had a problem.

1-Dec-2011, 14:18
Thank you both for the guidance. That approach makes my work much easier. Thanks again!