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david clark
12-Oct-2003, 21:35
Hi All, so I saw this metal field camera, used older model. I think it was a Toyo. It is a clam-shell designd. It had a revolving back. The ground glass had a door to protect it. 4*5. The lens board is the same as a Crown Graflex. All the knobs and locks are metal. Front base tilt. Rise and fall. Back tilt on the rear. Not a very long draw on the bellows, perhaps 20." Is any one familar with this camera? Does anyone have an idea of how much it is worth?

Thank you, David

Ralph Barker
12-Oct-2003, 22:17
Sounds like a Toyo, but it might have been various other brands, too. Check the Toyo site at http://www.toyoview.com/ to be sure.

I use a Toyo 45AX, and have been pleased with it. The only difference between the 45AX and the 45AII is the AX has a rotatable back, rather than the revolving one. the AX is just about as quick, and saves a few bucks and a few ounces. Good, serviceable camera, and priced right.

Downside? For one, the bellows are fixed. So, if you need a bag bellows for architectural or other extreme wide angle work, the Toyo 45AX/AII is not for you.

Don Harpold
12-Oct-2003, 22:46
Hello David,

If the color on the field camera is silver or light gray it may be the older Toyo field camera. I have one, it uses the Graphic lens boards and is similar to what you describe. Mine says 5X7 but has the 4X5 back, I understand it had interchangeable backs, I have not seen a 5X7 back and there are several people on the Photo.net board that put out wants for one, so they are probably rare. I paid, I think 400.00 on e-bay not long ago, whether this is the current price or close to the value I can not say. Mine works fine and was/is my intro into LF.

Hope that helps.


tim atherton
12-Oct-2003, 23:05
did it have a rangefinder on the top? Could have been the Toyo Super Graphic

tim atherton
12-Oct-2003, 23:07
here's the Toyo Super Graphic


Norbert Gruetzner
14-Oct-2003, 09:29
Hello David, seems to be a Toyo Super Graphic as Tim wrote. Toyo took over the licence from Graflex when the Crown Graphic was discontinued in the 70s. I got one (used) for 6 years now. unfortunately i have trouble with mine: the sliding bracket of the rotating back broke and i don`t know where to get a new one from. Fair price should be between 300-500$ without lens.