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29-Nov-2011, 12:13
Who made the Plaubel anticomar lenses?

Arne Croell
29-Nov-2011, 12:21
Who made the Plaubel anticomar lenses?

Plaubel did. The company actually started out as an optics manufacturer (1902), cameras came later. They stopped making lenses in 1960.

29-Nov-2011, 12:41
Thanks for the info. Do you know the image circle on the 165 or any other pertinent info? gtphoto

Ole Tjugen
29-Nov-2011, 14:10
It's either a triplet or a Tessar (I think, it's a 4 cells in 3 groups so Tessar is the most likely), in either case the image angle is about 55 degrees.

29-Nov-2011, 14:52
The Anticomars are 4/3, Tessar style triplet derivatives. In the twenties they were about a stop faster than the mainstream contemporary Tessar and supposed to be better than the then fastest in the Tessar line. But even then they were not quite up to the slower Tessars, and as Plaubel did not do much to improve them any more, that gap widened over the course of time...

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
29-Nov-2011, 15:34
The 165/2.9 often came mounted on a 3x4 Graflex. They will illuminate 4x5, but with pretty weird corners.