View Full Version : Kodak E100VS - overdate tips?

29-Nov-2011, 08:25
i got few packs of Kodak E100vs. expiry date is September 2008. it comes from a photo shop and was probably kept in refrigerator all the time.
I know i should do tests to find out exactly, BUT if i don't do tests, can you make some estimate what to expect regarding ASA shift?
please don't hesitate to give just a rough assumption. i didn't take it for critical work.

29-Nov-2011, 08:29
I have some E100G that expired in 2007 and I shoot it normal box speed with normal development and have noticed no ASA or color shifts. It has been refrigerated since manufactured.

29-Nov-2011, 08:49
2008 isn't old. I'm shooting some that's 10 years old and it's spot on.

Jim Becia
29-Nov-2011, 10:39
I'm also using some that is at least 10 years old without any issues. Jim

30-Nov-2011, 16:33
cool! i got 5 boxes of 10 plates, and he told me to pay whatever i want, " just for a coffee". i gave something like 10 euro i guess.

30-Nov-2011, 18:00
Shouldn't expect any speed shift, and likely no colour shift, but that would depend on storage. Like other poster's have mentioned, I too, am shooting colour trans film that is 5 yrs or so out of date, with no noticeable issues.
Go shoot some and let us know!

18-Dec-2011, 13:08
Go shoot some and let us know!

thanks everybody. i shot two plates and you were all right, there were no issues with exposure. i also shot two older 120 chromes: fuji astia 100F and provia 100F, both expired around 2004-2005. all exposures were right on. there were slight differences in colors between the ektar, astia and provia, which is of course to be expected. in any case it doesn't matter for me as these changes are so minimal and i develop everything in photoshop later anyway.