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28-Nov-2011, 22:59
Just got an email from a good friend from KC who is giving his girlfriend a Holga. He is wanting to find out any labs in the Kansas City area that handle 120 films and I need to know any that process large format......both E-6 and black and white.

Thanks for any responses.


Daniel Stone
28-Nov-2011, 23:02
just a quick google search turned up this place in Overland Park, KS


up to 4x5 E-6, albeit @ $5.99/sheet.

I send out to Samy's in Santa Barbara, search through it here on LFF or APUG, I've mentioned their services many times before.

$1.70/4x5 sheet for E-6, $1.50/sheet for C-41/4X5. They also do B/W processing IIRC. No website, but give them a call 9-6 M-F PST. They can e-mail you the c-41 and E-6 order forms if you ask :).

Samy's Santa Barbara
(805) 963-7269

they generally have a pretty fast turnaround, usually within a week or so of sending it out its back in my hands, and at a great price :)