View Full Version : Dogmar filter size

Thierry Schreiner
28-Nov-2011, 17:57
Hi to all,

Just wondering if someone out there can help me.

My Goerz Dogmar, Am. Opt. Co 8 1/4' f4.5 has, at least to me, an unknown filter size.
(inside almost 53mm)

From what I read, this would be a Series VII filter thread.

Can you please confrm.

Does an adapter exist which would allow the use of 58mm filters on this lens?

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards from France

Thierry Schreiner

Paul Fitzgerald
28-Nov-2011, 18:46
That should take a series-7 58mm slide-on adapter. You might be able to use a 58<>62mm step-up ring.