View Full Version : Korona VI 5 X 7 and Goerz Dagor questions

Clifford Peterson
28-Jan-1999, 09:32
I have a Korona VI 5 X 7 in good condition. The Goerz Dagor f6.8 F.L. 8.25" lens seems to have quite a bit of dirt and clouding inside. Is it worth having it cl eaned and refurbished? Or should I replace the lens? Can I reuse the lensboard? Where can I obtain a replacement lens board? What lens can you recommend for 3Xs to 4Xs close-up enlargement (e.g., for copying 35 mm slides onto 4 X 5 or 5 X 7 film)? Where can I obtain additional filmholders? Thanks in advance for your th oughts.

Ron Shaw
28-Jan-1999, 11:52
The Goerz Dagors are excellent vintage lenses, and are worth using. Contact Steve Grimes (sgrimes@sgrimes.com?) for an estimate on repair. Yes, you can reuse the lensboard, it the replacement lens takes the same size hole. Get the latest issue of Shutterbug or View Camera Mgazine and go through the adds for any type of new or used items, such as lenses, filmholders, etc. (I think that you will be dissapointed in duping 35mm to LF)

28-Jan-1999, 23:34
here is how i adressed a similar problem with an older Zeiss Tessar. i took firm hold of the lens board in my left hand, and i unscrewed the front element, then i unscrewed the back element. infact i unscrewed every element i could. then i cleaned everything and put it back together. there is a little bit of delamination around the edges, but it produces good results. i think the dirt inside the lens came from rust on the shutter blades. eveidently spots of rust form on the blades if not used for a long time. don't oil the shutter blades or iris blades- whatever you do. i took all the blades apart and polished them with fine steel wool and cloth. everything works fine. it may not be worthwhile doing the polishing and all. no promises any of this will work for you as i don't know your shutter, and i don't the lens, but it saved me a lot of money. good luck.