View Full Version : Simma Tanks - How to load?

Ramiro Elena
28-Nov-2011, 06:20
Just got a Simma roller with a tank. I've never had or done any processing with tanks so I am a bit lost when it comes to loading the tank.
I will be processing film instead of paper.

It would seem the tank is designed to load more than one sheet but I don't know if I have all the necessary accessories.
The two white cylinders slide into the tank's ridges. There are three possible configurations (the cylinders can be slided in three different positions). What is the purpose of this? Different sized film/paper or 2/3 sheets at a time? Would I need extra cylinders/separators?

I also have this two pieces of plastic I have no idea what they are for. My guess is they work as separators so the sheets don't stick to eachother?

Also the tank was sold to me as a 24x30 but I've tried the paper separators that come in Efke 8x10 boxes and they seem to fit nicely (you can see one placed inside the tank in the picture attached)

Finally, anyone know how much fluid it needs to process 1-2 sheets?

There's little to no information online, thanks!

6-Dec-2011, 07:27
Ramiro....you can load a total of four 4x5 sheets on those Simmas.....I have a Chromega, which is a rebadged Simma.

You need 3 rods and you seem to have only 2. With 2 rods, I am afraid you can only process 2 4x5 sheets.

The way it works is you slide the 4x5 sheet film with the 5" side sliding in. The wings separate 2 rows of sheets and that way you can process 4 sheets. With 8x10, you can process 2 sheets (obviously), but you need 3 rods in all.

Chemistry: anywhere from 200-300 mL (max) is fine....very little compared to inversion agitation methods.


Ramiro Elena
7-Dec-2011, 01:28
Thanks Avi, I figured out the 4x5 part more or less.
One doubt I am left with is, when I insert an 8x10 for processing, I see the rods don't really do much aside from serving as a guide.

Now... how do I place the film to process two sheets?? That part I cannot figure out or why I would need three rods for 8x10. See, in the photo I attached, the 8x10 sheet (paper) goes from rod to rod so the only way I see for placing another sheet is on the same side (that would make the two sheets touch). The tank I have cannot fit two sheets placed opposite to eachother.