View Full Version : Nikon 65 SW f/4 Man I'm happy

John Conway
27-Nov-2011, 19:06
I have been getting a bit frustrated with the 65/8 SA and the dim image on the ground glass. The Nikkor came up on ebay but I did not think i would get it since it was mint in the box and I could only spend a certain amount. I almost fell off the chair when i won.I would like to see some images made with the lens and any comments from Nikkor 65/4 owners.

Jan Pedersen
27-Nov-2011, 19:13
Congratulation on your winning bid! Nice feeling when it works out like that.

John Conway
27-Nov-2011, 20:21
Thanks Jan Yeah, it often goes the other way with me. I can't wait to get it on my camera. I'll be using it on my Cambo Master PC with bag bellows. I've been reading other threads on the forum about the lens and using a center filter. We will see.