View Full Version : What's a Badger Brand?

Frank Petronio
11-Oct-2003, 07:44
Looking at the Badger website I noticed a new item - a Badger Brand aluminum monorail that takes Sinar sized lensboards. Anybody know anything else? Is Jeff listening?

Ted Harris
11-Oct-2003, 08:09
I saw the same thing and asked Jeff when I talked to him yesterday. He was a bit coy telling me to wait and see but said think Toho, think lightweight monorail for the field. Being manufatured for them in China he said. Expects them in soon.

Frank Petronio
12-Oct-2003, 06:16
Has Kerry Thalman worked on it?

John Minor
13-Oct-2003, 13:10
I sent an e-mail inquiry regarding this camera as well. Here is a copy of Jeff's reply. Hi John, We should be getting the new cameras in about 2 to 3 weeks. Think Sinar/Horseman. Also, The M2 should be available around the first of the year. Think Toho. Both should be well worth the wait. Thank You, Jeff. Badger Graphic Sales, Inc.

13-Oct-2003, 14:09
Is there any info on the M2? Price features?

Don Miller
14-Oct-2003, 08:04
He had it listed under Shen Hao for a few days. So that company is making it. It will use some of the existing Shen Hao parts. So expect 360mm of bellows. If it has a geared front I'm buying!

I would rather that Jeff had said "Think Arca Swiss". Are Sinar/Horseman monorails made for field work?

But it's great we will have new cameras.