View Full Version : Canham 6x17: How to reset the counter?

Paul Schilliger
11-Oct-2003, 04:43
I recently played with my rollfilm back, running it empty, and as a result, the counter was jammed. It stayed on exposure one no matter what I tried, even disconnecting the battery for a couple of weeks. This meant that the next film only had a couple of exposures on. Is there a way to reset the counter without having to run a film through?

11-Oct-2003, 11:05

Why don't you give Keith Canham a call? he for shure could give an authorative answer.

Paul Schilliger
11-Oct-2003, 12:32
He sure would... but has perhaps better things to do. I'll keep the option if nothing comes out.

Steve Nieslony
11-Oct-2003, 12:42

Do not hesitate in calling Keith. He is very service oriented and very willing to talk you through a solution or to make sure that you send the back to him for servicing.


Paul Schilliger
11-Oct-2003, 15:07
Oh for sure! Keith has been very helpful to me in the past. Just wanted to hear if someone had been there and had a solution before contacting him. The back don't need servicing, it's just a matter of wasting one roll of film, then the counter should be back to normal.

Paul Schilliger
14-Oct-2003, 14:57
It's sometimes better to send a request to God rather than to his ministers. Keith answered within 10 minutes (many thanks!):

Paul; Removing the battery will not reset the counter as you have learned. This is a safety feature so that you can change the battery mid roll and not loose the film. The counter should reset if while the power switch is off you hold down the advance button and then turn on the power ( again while the advance button is held down) then release the advance button.