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27-Nov-2011, 12:17
Hey guys, I'm selling a bunch of my dad's old camera equipment for him on eBay. Just wanted to see if I could get a quick pricing on this Cambo 4x5 SCX. I can't seem to find much on the scx compared to the sc and sc ll. If anyone can help out that would be much appreciated.

Here's a gallery of everything that is for sale: http://imgur.com/a/9pmx9#0

27-Nov-2011, 13:32
99 cents.

27-Nov-2011, 13:44

27-Nov-2011, 13:44
Your welcome.

27-Nov-2011, 14:20
Does anyone else have a serious answer? I'm just looking for a little help.

27-Nov-2011, 14:37
That's about as serious an answer as you can expect. Your question will be viewed by many as inappropriate for this forum. The most serious answer will be someone telling you to go do your homework. I did it for you and found a couple of very consistent datapoints. They all indicate about $300.

27-Nov-2011, 14:39
Does anyone else have a serious answer? I'm just looking for a little help.

I bought a SCX last year with bag bellows only from the US for US $290.00.hope this helps.
Cheers Brian:)

27-Nov-2011, 14:43
... so say the "Brian's"!

27-Nov-2011, 19:19
Just out of curiosity could you tell me how you found a price of 300, I tried to do the homework and really couldn't even find any scxs like my dad's being sold at all anywhere. Thanks though.

27-Nov-2011, 19:33
You're lucky I'm in a generous mood. Otherwise I might be tempted to ask what you did when you did your homework, because it took me about 2 minutes to get 3 prices: google and found a B&H sale for a SCX, and ebay completed sale search to find two that sold and one that didn't. Add to that the other Brian's experience and all point to about $300 or so.

Why don't you check out prices for the other items you have and use the classified ad on this forum to sell the gear?

27-Nov-2011, 19:39
The problem with SCX is that they have a one off rail in the Cambo system

27-Nov-2011, 19:41
With case and lens and film holders... that was a good deal!

27-Nov-2011, 19:44
First hit from google search of "Cambo SCX":


Other hits from scanning through the search results include ---

From a neighboring forum:


... and another, but the price was in Brititsh Sterling (I have no idea what the exchange rate was about that time):


... and there is one offered in Japan for about 98000 Yen (which hasn't closed yet)

And, yet another in British Sterling:


27-Nov-2011, 20:05
Nikk, please note that most of those are for the camera alone. You really need to do the homework on each piece and consider selling them separately.

Marc B.
28-Nov-2011, 02:44
As advised above, sell the items separately.

The camera, with ground glass back, with at least one lens board: $175.-$300.
as above with one lens included: $325.-$450.+
With a revolving back (if available for this model), add $50.

Lenses (I can't tell what they are), mounted on lens boards: $100.-$250.+(?) ea.

Compendium shade: $60.-$100.+
Focusing loupes: $45.-$100. ea.
Light meters: $35.-$60. ea.
Bare lens boards: $15.-$40. ea.
Standard film backs: $4.-$7.50+ ea.
Hard case: $100. could go as high as $150.+, but shipping $$ is a killer though.
Dark bag/tent: $50.-$85.+

The Polaroid, [single sheet] film back is basically useless. Available Fuji, [pack film] won't work with this back.
If the film was ever frozen, it's totally useless, (the chemical packets burst).
If the film wasn't [continuously] refrigerated all these years, it's basically useless.
No Polaroid film has been made in [four+] years for these backs, so it's basically useless at that age,
(the chemical packets dry out).
Include the Polaroid film and back as an incentive with the camera...or not.


PS: Welcome to LFPF

1-Dec-2011, 21:28
Well thank you guys very much for the help, I found that very first link but I thought that it was just was he/she was asking for it and it didn't sell. Thanks for all the other links too though and thank you for making sure I price everything out guys I appreciate it.

1-Dec-2011, 21:36
Okay, I did some research on the lens's and I came up with
Caltar II 135 mm f5.6 lens
Caltar II - E 210 mm f6.8 lens
Schneider - Kreuznach super-angulon 8-90 lens

I'm thinking of trying to put a couple pieces together to sell with the camera I was thinking:
1. Cambo SCX - with the replacement normal bellows
2. 1 Lens Board
3. Bag Bellows
4. The Hard Case
5. A lens
6. A film holder

I feel like this will help me sell the case and get a good deal on the camera. Question is, do you guys think that would be a good deal, and sell the other stuff separately
and if so, which lens should I put in with the deal. Thanks!

Alan Gales
1-Dec-2011, 23:33
If you add a lens with it I would add the 210mm. I wouldn't though. You will make more money selling each lens separately.

I would sell the camera with one flat lens board, film holders, and case. I would sell the lenses, lens boards and bag bellows separately.

It's more trouble to do it this way but it will bring the most money.

7-Dec-2011, 01:14
If you were willing to sell camera with lens board, no case, no film holders I might be interested if price and shipping were reasonable, thanks, Damian

(shipping to Ireland)