View Full Version : Schneider 58mm Super Angulon XL review

26-Nov-2011, 20:25
I shot two images yesterday with a new-to-me 58mm Super Angulon XL, in a Copal 0 shutter. I am new to wide angle lenses, so am in experimentation mode with it. I also have the Schneider 1.5 stop center filter for this lens.

The perspective of the 58mm on 4x5 film is excellent. The two landscape/nature shots I made have an open and breezy feeling (what I was trying for). There was no perceptible falloff on the shot made at f/22 without the center filter. If you look for falloff, maybe you could convince yourself it's there, barely.

The second shot was made with the center filter, and there was zero falloff. The shot accomplished everything I set out to do on the first outing with the lens. Sharpness in the areas of critical focus was good at f/22. I don't have the recessed lens board yet, so I wasn't super concerned about depth of field. When I get the lens board, I will be more careful about objects in the foreground, and probably focus at hyperfocal.

Next week I plan to bring this lens to Oregon and make some nature/landscape images. Bottom line for me, is that the 58mm SA XL is a welcome new addition to my lens lineup. I recommend it to anyone looking for a 4x5 lens on the wide end of the spectrum.

26-Nov-2011, 21:44
This is a great idea. Any chance of you sharing the photographs referred to in your review?