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John Conway
26-Nov-2011, 16:37
I am considering the purchase of a fixed lens Burke and James Orbitar that is described as having "slight" haze on the lens. The 65/8 SA on the camera is a chrome version. I just happen to have a 65/8 SA chrome in a prontor press shutter that i dislike because I need a magnifying glass to see the shutter speeds and aperture settings. I'm curious if the front and rear elements are interchangeable on the two lenses.

26-Nov-2011, 16:45
They should be, the early 65mm SA's are usually in the tiny Compur #00 shutter.

The Compur #00 is another quirky little shutter though, no T setting or preview so a locking cable release is needed and set the shutter to B for focussing.

There's cheap Chinese adaptors to fit the cells in a Compur/Prontor/Copal #0 on ebay but I've not tried them.


John Schneider
26-Nov-2011, 23:20
Don' buy the Orbitar until you can hold it in your hands and try it. IMO, it's the clunkiest, bulkiest, heaviest, most under-engineered 4x5 P&S available (I've has two pass through my hands). The focusing mount and shifting mechanism are awful, and the "box" is waaay to big for its intended use. Unless it's really, really cheap, anything else would be a better option.

27-Nov-2011, 20:54
How did you get the 65/8 chrome cells to fit in a Prontor Press? I have a PP #00 shutter that I bought for that lens, but there is a barrel shape machined into the front cell that interferes with the front shape of the shutter, and the cell will not screw in all the way. I'll probably end up machining off that shape, unless I find a Compur 00 shutter for a reasonable price. I've seen a couple, but the ones that ran well did not still have an attached cable-release attachment. These break off quite easily.

If your Prontor shutter doesn't have that issue (meaning that it's flat across the front instead of being dished around the front cell threads), I'll buy it from you if you go through with this. I like the Prontor shutter because the settings are so large and easy to see compared to the Compur :)

As far as I know, all 65/8 SA's were made for the #00 shutter.

I would not have though an adapter would work for a #0 shutter because the shutter would be thicker than the #00, preventing the cells from seating deeply enough. I'll have to look into that, though.

Rick "who hasn't decided on the fate of that 65/8 yet" Denney

John Conway
27-Nov-2011, 21:24
Hey rdenney, You are way over my head man. I'm not that technically advanced. What I can do is post a picture of the lens. It works great but I like the copal type shutters better. I bought the lens from keh at a good price. I am not going through with the Orbitar deal. However, since I just bought a nice Nikkor 65f/4 SW, I may be willing to let the 65SA go. I'll get a pic up tomorrow.

John Schneider
27-Nov-2011, 21:54
As far as I know, all 65/8 SA's were made for the #00 shutter.

Later ones (mine is 10,9xx,xxx) came in the early flat-face Copal 0 (the one with the bright orange triangle to denote the shutter speed)