View Full Version : Nikon Nikkor-W 135 - 5.6

25-Nov-2011, 18:11
Will this lens cover 5x7?

25-Nov-2011, 18:32
At F22 stated image circle is 200mm which is just short. Pushing beyond F22 maybe, but why bother. 135mm APO Sironar S will do its.

25-Nov-2011, 18:34
Or the slightly shorter, and more versatile, 120 f8.

Steve Goldstein
25-Nov-2011, 18:41
Not quite at infinity. Nikon's spec is 200mm image circle at f/22, so it'll vignette a bit in the corners even with everything perfectly squared and centered, no movements at all. The only relatively modern 135s I'm aware of that'll cover are the f/6.3 Wide-Field Ektar, the original version of the f/5.6 Fujinon-W (both around 228mm at f/22) and the f/6.8 Meopta Largor. I'm not sure about the Largor's coverage, but I think it's similar and according to old posts on this forum it was sold as a 5x7 lens. The 135 Apo-Sironar-S covers 208mm at f/22, so you'll get the corners but no movement.

135mm seems a very under-served focal length for 5x7 shooters.

Doremus Scudder
26-Nov-2011, 02:26
Kokak Wide-Field Ektar 135mm Image circle at f/22 = 229mm
Older Fujinon-W (with lettering inside lens barrel) f/5.6 Image circle at f/22 228mm

I own two of the Ektars and won't part with them anytime soon! Sharp, lightweight, single-coated, compact.