View Full Version : Rodenstack 200mm for 8x10

Ed Burlew
9-Oct-2003, 18:44
I am anxoius confused and just basically confused. I really want a 20mm grandagon, I have the 155mm but the effect is definitely wide, so the 200 has a lesser effect and the great 495 mm circle BUT??? Is it really woth all that big money, Like , is it really sharp? Really great coverage? really just wide but not into distortion? I shoot landscapes in the country and urban and I have now become addicted to 30x40 and 40x60 enlargements. Will this lense hold up?? I have the camrea to hold the weight of this bohemethe. Who has had one ? who has experience? who wants to sell? Who sold and regrets? Don't talk about money or value or weight, to me that is irrelevent. Yea, yea, yea, I can always get a second job to pay for the lense the point is is the lense fabuloso??

Luc Regnier
25-Oct-2003, 22:31
Good morning, I have this excellent lens (Rodenstock Grandagon N 200/6.8 MC). Great piece of glasses, but it is not the lens of the century ! . It is sharp, have really this coverage, no distortion, no fall off . It is my favourite lens for landscape, despite my 150 XL . I got it as second hand lens, in great condition, at good price . It is no longer made, and I think the new 210 XL (Schneider) is still comparable and cheaper .