View Full Version : 4x5 inch BW film in Jobo Expert Drum 3005

24-Nov-2011, 11:35

I would like to do some tests with sheet film in 4x5 inch (HP5+) in a Jobo Expert Drum 3005.
- Is this possible?
- Who did this before?
- Can I compare my 4x5 development results with what I would get on 8x10 inch film?

I only have this drum an some for smaller film. Nothing where 4x5 fits in. For testing 8x10 inch film is a bit on the expensive side.

Thank you.

Greg Blank
24-Nov-2011, 13:38
I think you will be ok, with one sheet per tube. Make sure to at least use 500ml of chemistry so the sheets get coverage.

24-Nov-2011, 17:16
If you also have a 3010 or 3006 drum, you could test 4x5 film in the smaller drum and use those results for 8x10 in the 3005. That is what Fred Newman suggests.

24-Nov-2011, 18:45
I use the little 2820 for one or two 4x5 sheets. I got all my 2820 tanks for free attached to the bottom of other tanks.

Greg Blank
27-Nov-2011, 04:57
To answer with some additional thought. If you are trying to run the test for determining film speed and process criteria, you should cut down a sheet or two of the same 8x10 emulsion you intend to shoot. Cutting down to 4x5 is easy, however there are considerations of exposure to consider. You really have to use the same camera lens for the testing as you will be using to make the photos if you wish to be precise. I have in the past "taped" cut down film onto the center of 8x10 holders for this very reason.