View Full Version : Modern 135mm-150mm for 5x7?

Frank Petronio
24-Nov-2011, 08:03
Other than the expensive Rodenstock 150/5.6 Sironar-S, what else is available that will cover 5x7 with movements, provide a fast 5.6 aperture, and come in a modern shutter with 1/250 or higher speeds?

I am drawing a blank, short of the more expensive 8x10 lenses like the Schneider 150XL. Is there some obscure Fuji gem out there?

I know there are a couple 115-120/8 options but those are too wide for my taste and quite large too.

Steve Goldstein
24-Nov-2011, 08:31
Did you mean the 150mm Apo-Sironar-W, with the 80 degree field of view (252mm image circle)? The Apo-Sironar-S (231mm IC) covers 75 degress and will give you less movement (same as 150mm Apo-Symmar-L).

Other 150s with 80-degree coverage are the 150 Super-Symmar-HM (bigger and heavier than the Sironar-W, which itself is not small or light) and the older, single-coated Fujinon-W with the "inside lettering", which is the smallest of the three. There may be others, these are the only "modern" ones I can think of.

The single-coated 135mm Fujinon-W and 135mm Wide-Field Ektar both have about 228mm image circle so will give you a bit of movement on 5x7.

The WF Ektar is f/6.3, all the others I mentioned are f/5.6.

Ron Marshall
24-Nov-2011, 08:50

John NYC
24-Nov-2011, 09:09
You might have already determined that 180mm is too long, but there are a lot more cheap options with that focal length for 5x7.

focal length, long side 35mm equiv., short side 35mm equiv., diagonal 35mm equiv.
150, 32.1, 30.0, 31.4
180, 38.6, 36.0, 37.7

Frank Petronio
24-Nov-2011, 09:36
Yeah the 180s seem plentiful and inexpensive in comparison and I used a 180 on 5x7 before to good effect. Perhaps the 135-150 is too wide since I don't like extremes in lenses - 28 to 75mm in 35mm terms will do everything I ever want.

I will look into the Fujis that pop up on eBay, I know they can be great lenses.

Steve Hamley
24-Nov-2011, 09:59

180mm is the long side of the format in 5x7, which to me is a pleasing moderate wide, in any format.

If you want a 135, probably the early Fujinon W with the beauty ring writing is your best bet in f/5.6 lenses. In 150mm, all of the f/5.6 Fuji W lenses will cover. Certainly they can be had reasonably.

Cheers, Steve

Gem Singer
24-Nov-2011, 10:08
For "Modern" lenses in fast Copal 0 shutters that will cover the 5x7 format, Look for a Fujinon f5.6 135 CM-W or an f5.6 150 CM-W.

Being the latest offerings from Fuji, they are usually a bit more expensive than the older Fuji W"s, but well worth it.