View Full Version : Carl zeiss lens planar 135mm #2993518

23-Nov-2011, 07:23
Hello all,
I have a Carl Zeiss lens, planar 135mm which fits on my Linhof 4x5 camera.
The serial number on the lens is 2993518. I find similar lenses on ebay, but the prices differ. Has anyone an idea how valuable this lens is and when it was produced?
See the image for details. I hope someone can help me out. Thanks!

Robert Ley
23-Nov-2011, 09:47
What image?

23-Nov-2011, 11:02

23-Nov-2011, 11:27
There's a newer T* version which takes 67mm filters and an older version which takes 58mm filters. The T* version goes for much more due to demand for the lens outpacing supply. Ebay "Buy It Now" prices are not a reliable benchmark unless you look at completed sales. Yours looks like the older version.

Dan Fromm
23-Nov-2011, 12:40
Made in '60 or '61.