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mike pobega
9-Oct-2003, 04:50

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I posted this in the other LF forum, so sorry if you seen it already. Last July I had taken my first trip west with a large format system. Here is my account.
Hope any body thinking of getting into LF can benefit just a bit. mike




9-Oct-2003, 11:38
Thank you, mike! That was truly inspiring!! I am brand new to LF photography...just got my camera and haven't gotten the chance to take shots yet! Now I'm especially excited to get out there this weekend! Have you thought about going to monument valley in utah? It is a beautiful place and certainly a change of scenery from yellowstone. :-) Your images are beautiful. Thanks for that "nudge"! Mel

Sal Santamaura
9-Oct-2003, 13:33
Mike, nice work for your first time, but I couldn't do more than scan the words. Your 'street performer' in the background makes reading very difficult. Please, plain white behind text!

David A. Goldfarb
9-Oct-2003, 14:56
Congrats on your first outing! I'd also agree that it would be more readable without the background graphic.

David R Munson
9-Oct-2003, 22:21
Good stuff.