View Full Version : Wood tripod extension legs stuck/stiff

22-Nov-2011, 21:07
I have never used wood tripods before but when I found a Graflex Crown No 2 for a good price I had to pick it up. It seems in good condition except that one of the leg extensions is stuck and the others are very tight. Any suggestions for loosening the stuck one or lubing the stiff ones?

22-Nov-2011, 23:11
Crown legs do get stiff. I put mine in the oven at 140 degrees with the door ajar. An hour or two will dry and shrink the wood. After you remove it let it cool and rub some parafin wax on the sliding surfaces. That should fix it.

23-Nov-2011, 07:00
Try some of that Howard Feed and Wax (Orange Oil) you get at Home Depot, or some boiled linseed oil might work just to get it moving. Then wipe it off and go with some wax.

24-Nov-2011, 17:58
Thanks for the advice. I got the leg unstuck waxing it soon.