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Robert Choi
28-Jan-1999, 03:02
I am looking at a super cambo 6x9 field camera .Could someone tell me if all 6x9 camera uses the same kind of sheet film holder like the 4x5 ?To be specific,will a 2x3 cut film holder from say graflex fit a super cambo and also a graphic 2x3 roll film holder. (I believe the camera does not have a graflock back.)


Ellis Vener
28-Jan-1999, 03:30
I'd be surprised if the supercambo 6x9 (is this the same as the 23SF camera?) do esn't have some kind of graflock mechanism for roll film backs. If that is true I would look real seriously at the Arca Swiss 6x9 FC or the Linhof TK23s, both o f which do.

Actually I'd take a good hard look at the Arca Swiss camera anyway. Having rise in the focal plane and being yaw free really makes a huge difference when shooti ng. And the price is in the same ballpark as the 23sf (As far as I can tell from the Calumet catalog, neither the 23sf or the 45SF are yaw free.)

Ellis Vener
28-Jan-1999, 03:35
To se what other people say about the Arca go here:


Robert Choi
29-Jan-1999, 01:05
I only talk to the guy on the phone about the camera and won't see it until this weekend.He is selling for Canadian $450.That's the reason why I felt really attractive.I mainly want to replace a pentax 67 with it.But because I haven't read a whole lot about this camera,I am just a bit hesitant. I have read the review of arca 6x9 ,except that it's too rich for my budget.BTW,the arca is close to $3000 ,whereas the 23 SF is around $1800 (although the arca is probably a better camera.

thanks for your suggestions though.