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20-Nov-2011, 10:19
I've got a 150mm lens of whatever make; I don't have time to take my rig apart and figure that out. It has a weird tube with a hole in it that I assume is for a cable release. But I bought a 40" standard cable release and it does not connect. What is the name of the product I need?...

I can send photos or whatever in a couple of hours. But right now I have to photograph a coworker and his fiancee. A cable release would be sweet, but I don't have the time.

20-Nov-2011, 11:03
So release the shutter carefully with your finger.

Are you sure that you aren't trying to fit the cable release to the flash sync socket?

20-Nov-2011, 11:11
Pictures and the name would be very helpful. Please include photos of the over all lens, and anything that looks like it might be threaded, or some sort of a tube structure.

21-Nov-2011, 23:34
Is it a Ilex shutter ?, proberly needs a cable release with a bit longer throw.

Jim Jones
22-Nov-2011, 07:44
The tube might be a nib for an air hose and bulb. If so, improvising a remote release from tubing and a rubber bulb intended for medical ir kitchen use might work.