View Full Version : inside bellows covers portion of rear element

Jim Peterson
20-Nov-2011, 05:18
I have a Chamonix 045n2 (first LF camera) and have only taken about 30 shots. I noticed when removing the back to change to portrait that the inside of the bellows flops over the top of the rear element about 1/4 to 1/3 the diameter of the rear element. I don't know if this is "normal" or not. I have had the first box of film developed (color) and nothing appeared on the negative. The rear element is small (Caltar II N 135mm). If it was bigger it would protrude further back in the bellows and wouldn't get hung up. I don't think it is bellows sag. It just narrows up quite a bit up by the rear element. Don't know if I am worrying about nothing, but I have been taking off the back for each shot and reaching in and lifting the bellows up and over the rear element. Perhaps the way the light travels through the rear element and onto the film this is a non issue. Hoping that I don't have to reach in their for every shot! Jim

20-Nov-2011, 05:41
Jim, if the bellows vignettes you will see it on the ground glass. See for yourself.

20-Nov-2011, 08:05
You won't always see ot unless you stop down tp your shooting aperture. It happens on my 45n2 when i use short lenses. I pop off the back to check and just push the bellows up before focussing.

Jim Peterson
20-Nov-2011, 18:22
Thanks for the responses. It makes sense now. Jim