View Full Version : In Atlanta: Smith/Chamlee Exhibition

Michael A.Smith
6-Oct-2003, 20:31
From October 4 to January 4 Paula Chamlee and I are having an exhibition of our photographs from Tuscany. The exhibition is at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History and is being held in conjunction with an exhibition of 500 Etruscan artifacts--the only United States venue for this exhibition.

We are giving a lecture at the museum on Tuesday evening, October 21 at 7:30 P.M.

All are invited.

www.fernbank.edu/museum (for general information)

http://www.fernbank.edu/museum/tuscany.html (for information about the exhibition)

Geoffrey Swenson
7-Oct-2003, 09:38
Make sure narcolepsy does not catch up with anyone!

Jay M. Packer
7-Oct-2003, 10:57
As an Etruscan-American, I am deeply offended by Mr. Swenson's belief that the cultural artifacts of my long-dead civilization might induce somnolence.

Mr. Smith: Is there any truth to the rumor that fragments of Azo papyrus have been discovered in Etruscan archeological digs, and that the emulsion is still good?

Michael A.Smith
7-Oct-2003, 12:41
The rumor is absolutely true. We found the fragments ourselves when we were over there. The emulsion is perfect--amazing isn't it. But we made only a few of the prints in the exhibition on it because, all in all, there wasn't very much. It appears tthat the supply of this fine paper has been limited for millennia.

Geoffrey Swenson
7-Oct-2003, 15:43
J. Packer, I seriously doubt that you’d left your country more then 2000 years ago, therefore it is silly to call yourself an ”Etruscan-American” . Still you could have discerned my remark from the Etruscan Civilization. No, the Etruscan Civilization is not boring!