View Full Version : schneider xenar into graphex shutter?

18-Nov-2011, 05:03
i have a schneider xenar 135mm f/4.7 and a graflex optar 135mm f/4.7
the graphex shutter is in better condition and more accurate than the synchro-compur-p that holds my xenar, so i wanted to try installing the shcneider in the graphex shutter.
will it work? are the spaces of the elements the same for both lenses and both shutters?

i didn't check it yet because the front element of the xenar is stuck very hard and i wanted to find out whether swapping these shutters makes sense, before i apply force on it. i see something that looks like a metal ring around the base of the front element, inside the thread of the shutter. maybe a previous owner shimmed the lens in the shutter? maybe they used something like locktite?? or is this ring part of the lens-shutter default configuration? i don't have this in any of my other lenses/shutters.


Dan Fromm
18-Nov-2011, 06:59
Sorry, no go. Rochester shutter makers -- EKCo, Ilex, Wollensak - didn't conform to the
Compur/Copal/Prontor standard.