View Full Version : MIDO film system: what is it?

5-Oct-2003, 10:47
There are a couple of auctions for MIDO film holders right now. Sounds like it might be a good substitute for Readyloads or Grafmatics. But I don't seem to be able to find exactly how they work, and if, in fact, how well they work, or are they a PITA.

Ron Bose
5-Oct-2003, 11:47
Take a peek at Paul's excellent website


He has a paragraph on Mido's ...


5-Oct-2003, 15:24
Thanks. That's exactly what I needed.

Paul Butzi
6-Oct-2003, 09:59
You've got the link to my website.

Be aware that there are TWO versions - the version 1 system, which is a sort of reloadable readyload/quickload, and the series 2, which is like a very thin version of a regular holder and a clamshell that pads it out to the proper dimensions.

Reports from users of the system vary as to reliability, especially with the version 1 system. I know of one photographer (Linda Butler) who apparently owns and uses 50 or so of the series two holders with good success.

bob moulton
6-Oct-2003, 11:32
I have used the Type 1 Midos for years and have had fewer problems with them than with the various imporved readyloaders. I do not mean to slam Kodak; I use the Readyloads also, but I find fewer jams and fogs with the Mido series 1 holders. So I would suggest there are worth a look. Bob