View Full Version : Who Is the Ilford Yearly Order Person?

Richard K.
17-Nov-2011, 20:41
Dunno if this has been asked about (I DID try to search!) but has anyone tried to get Delta 100 available to us in Ilford's yearly ULF run? This is one nice film! Even just in ID11 1:1. Man I would love to have some in 10x12!! I wonder if given a choice, would as many or even more people order Delta 100 over the F and H Ps?

Can some kind soul tell me contact information for the Ilford person who looks after this?

Thank you!! :) :)

Daniel Stone
17-Nov-2011, 21:21
I believe Robert Skeoch(member here on the forum btw) is the contact in Canada. Here's a link talking about the ULF Ilford run in Canada, so i'd guess he's the go-to guy.



Richard K.
17-Nov-2011, 21:27
Thanks Dan, I know Rob well but I need the main person that looks after all of North America or even the world! :)

Oren Grad
17-Nov-2011, 21:40
You can contact Simon Galley of Harman, who maintains an active presence on APUG. FWIW, this question has been raised before, and Harman has said no. But evidently they'll do special orders off cycle, including possibly Delta 100, if you're willing to order enough. Here's Rob talking about it:


Richard K.
17-Nov-2011, 22:24
Thanks Oren.

18-Nov-2011, 08:21
You searched? Really? Google? Keyword <ilford ulf>. It is right there in the search results. Didn't try very hard.

(I DID try to search!)

Richard K.
18-Nov-2011, 08:29
You searched? Really? Google? Keyword <ilford ulf>. It is right there in the search results. Didn't try very hard.

I searched in the forum : Ilford Yearly Order, but only found a 4-year-old post by Kerry- but yes I could have tried harder; I was also just making an excuse to use the enjoyable social networking the forum provides since I don't know how to use Facebook...:)

Hey Bob, I hope to get by Cleveland again - that was a good time!

Robert Skeoch
18-Nov-2011, 14:25
I had a run done of 4X10 Delta 100 this year. I had to buy a fair bit.
I've asked the local Ilford person to look into 10x12 and will report back once i hear.

-Rob Skeoch

Richard K.
18-Nov-2011, 14:39
Thanks Rob, Now come out West with me...:)

BTW What's a fair bit? $100? $750? $1678.42?

Robert Skeoch
19-Nov-2011, 10:12
I believe it was 19 boxes. Although when it finally was ready to ship they emailed me to ask if 13 boxes would be fine. Not sure if someone else wanted a couple or if the run just worked out to 13 boxes. It was a premium price as well.... cheaper than buying 8x10 but not by much.... of course with 8x10 you get two sheets but have to cut the sucker down.

I remember when we priced out the WP the order would have been near $2000 as well.

I love death valley. Or DV as it's often called.