View Full Version : Polaroid type 55 films -'V' Defect.

mark blackman
5-Oct-2003, 10:41
A while back, on Another Place, there was a discussion about imperfections in type 55 and 54 film whereby a small inverted V of the film/paper was left blank.
I contacted Polaroid in the UK about this, with a few of examples. I am pleased to say that they have sent me a couple of boxes of replacement film, however I'm still waiting to hear whether this was/is a problem with a particular batch, and whether that batch has been recalled.

For info, the two batches I had were:

By way of example, please look at:


David Cope
12-Nov-2003, 16:54
Yes! I have the same thing happen frequently but inconsistently. I thought it must be something I was doing wrong in peeling the pos/neg apart. D-oh!

Hello, Polaroid, I've got a bone to pick . . . .

I love the film, but the V is a PITA.