View Full Version : RD Gray Periscope #5 lens

17-Nov-2011, 14:53

I came upon one of these for about $50 bucks. I figured why not (esp since the gf is getting into wet plate stuff).

It doesn't have a mounting flange thingy. The threads measure 50.83mm. Any idea where to source one? Or, will a 50mm schneider flange work? (Ack they're pricy!)


17-Nov-2011, 15:36
A Gray Periscope is an excellent lens, if it's the extreme wide angle, they cover over 100 degrees. I have a No. 3. Can't help with a flange, they're all different back then.

18-Nov-2011, 04:17
unless you can physically touch the flange and try to mount it on your lens it is a mostly failed attempt. you will loose money on shipping and return shipping or you will own a flange that fits nothing.

save your money and attach it a different way....OR....buy an iris clamp.

i aheva fairly big box of flanges. most never fit anything...sometiems they do. point in case:

i bought a super nice plasticca lens that HAD a flange. i was looking to mount it on a lens board. i had a big 9x9 board with a flange attached to it and a packard on the back. looked about the right size....BANG! it screwed right on. so i now have two flanges for my plasticca! so i used up my "flange luck" right there.


18-Nov-2011, 08:12
Here's a wetplate I did with my RD Gray Periscop, somewhat showing the wide angle.


18-Nov-2011, 11:52
I have a R. D. Gray Periscope No. 6 (SN 1413) which I've used on my Anthony & Scovill Champion 8x10. It's mounting flange opening is about 50 mm - 50.25 mm according to an old caliper. I'll bet they show up on eBay often enough.

Does yours have the aperture disc? I have to use Waterhouse stops.


yeah mine has an aperture disc. i measured them once. something like f15, f17, f24.

I normally wouldn't buy a lens like this but some dude on ebay had the "make an offer" thing on his auction. He wanted $200. I offered $50. He accepted.

It'd be nice to make it work for the GF.