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17-Nov-2011, 14:47
I notice there are recessed lensboards available to use wider angle lenses, can you just mount the lens the other direction and use it as a 'stand-off' lensboard so you can use lenses that require longer bellows extension or would that not work?


Joseph Dickerson
17-Nov-2011, 16:44
Works with some boards but not all. It depends on the design of the back of the board. Some will not fit "wrong way around" due to grooves and/or ridges that need to line up.

I did what you're suggesting with a Toyo 45A for years with no problems.

Take a flat board and see if you can reverse it. Presumably if that works then your answer is yes.


Mike Anderson
18-Nov-2011, 11:28
I use a recessed lens board reversed on a Calumet cc-402. There is a little ridge on the lens board to help seal light that isn't in effect with it reversed but it doesn't leak. There is an extra layer of spray paint on the lens board so it fits tight.


Bob Salomon
18-Nov-2011, 11:35
Depending on what board your camera uses there are also Extended Boards like the Wista that has an entension piece and then accepts additional screw-in tubes for greater extension. These are made for Wista cameras using a Linhof Technika type board and also in one specifically for Linhof 45 Technikas. Since this is a very common type of board many camera manufacturers make Technika adapter boards if there camera does not directly accept a Technika 45 board.

18-Nov-2011, 14:16
Somebody also pointed out 'Extension Boards', I think thats what I was looking for an am now trying to find the right one on eBlah.