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David Casillas
16-Nov-2011, 22:06
Hello to everibody!

I just got a Nikkor sw 90mm F8, and I noticed that when firing the shutter on B or T the shutter makes a noise like a long hum. The other speeds sound ok and seem accurate.
I owned this lens in the past, then I got it new and I dont remember the lens making this sound.
Is this sound normal or could be a sign of something going wrong with the shutter?

Tanks in advance for your help

16-Nov-2011, 22:38
That sort of sounds as though it is firing at one second regardless of the dial setting. Have you looked through the lens while firing it to see if it opens, travels the term of the sound and then closes on its own? In any case, this does sounds like a good CLA is in the near future.

Gem Singer
16-Nov-2011, 22:39
A long hum? Hum--- assuming your shutter is a Copal 0, it should make a short clicking sound when using B or T, not a humming sound.

Are the B and T settings working as they should?

David Casillas
17-Nov-2011, 14:28
I tried this things and yes, the shutter seems to be working fine, it opens and close the way it should in both B and T.
the one second settings looks accurate (using my stop watch several times). }
Firing it at the same time that my other lens, apparently close inmeditatly after the other shutter.
So any opininion?

17-Nov-2011, 17:18
Maybe the timing gears are freewheeling when in B or T? Kind of strange- but if everything else works don't worry.

David Casillas
17-Nov-2011, 19:15
Yes, Im thinking the same thing since the shutter seems very accurate.
The thing is that I just got this lens from Keh, it was graded as EX+ and besides this problem the lens has some bright spots around the very edge of a inner glass element. These look like if fungus had etched the arista of the glass and then the fungus was cleaned away. These marks are very small I had to look at it with a loupe trying to find what it was. Probably these marks are just small imperfections from when thes glass was manufactured.

Thanks to everybody, I apologize for my bad english.
I would appreciate any suggestions about what to do. The other problem is that at the moment Im outside the US.

Ian Gordon Bilson
19-Nov-2011, 20:40
David, those marks sound like a case of "Schneideritis" (G**gle it ).
Most unlikely to have any optical effect - don't worry about it.