View Full Version : Doh!

16-Nov-2011, 18:57
Before turning on the lights, make sure the inner cap is on the Jobo drum.

That is all.

16-Nov-2011, 19:01
D'oh! indeed.

17-Nov-2011, 11:26
That goes for unicolor drums too.

17-Nov-2011, 11:53
Had the 3005 drum loaded up with five 8x10 negatives -- it took me a couple seconds after I turned on the lights to figure out why the drum looked a little strange.

This was the next developing session after knocking an 8x10 holder off the counter after unloading the film into the drum, breaking the darkslide. So I made sure the holder was safe -- and then forgot to put the drum lid on.

17-Nov-2011, 15:35
I have put on the 1500 cap without the inner funnel part that connects with the central spindle. Now I always stick my finger down the mouth to check that it is in place before turning the lights on.

Richard Wasserman
17-Nov-2011, 16:01
It's amazing how many mistakes can be made. Just when you think you've made them all, they invent a new one.

17-Nov-2011, 16:40