View Full Version : Spacing cells of Conley Anastigmat Series V

16-Nov-2011, 14:48
I just purchased Conley Anastigmat Series V, 7" (178mm) f/6.3 lens. I am going to fit it to a modern shutter. I am sure the old shutter is not original, someone fitted the cells to it but not quite well becouse the focal lenght seems to be arround 190-195mm. How can I estimate the spacing - distance between the cells to get 178mm focal lenght? Is it easy or rather complicated?

Will appreciate your help.

I have seen a couple of photos made by Jim with Conley Series V, and love the tonality and the image this lens render.

27-Nov-2011, 05:43
Is it possible that Conley estimated the focal lenght from the rear lens to the film plane? In that case I get 180mm, but from the centre lens (between the cells) it's 195mm. I put the cells to Compur Synchro #1 shutter as close as possible to iris apertrure and still got 190mm measuring from the iris place...

I wonder how much and WHAT KIND degradation I can expect in the image quality if the cells will not be spacing right, let's say 3-5mm farther from each other?

Nobody ownig Conley 7" Series V what could help in measurement comparison?

Carsten Wolff
11-Feb-2013, 04:32
An old thread, I know, but did you sort out your lens? It is possible that someone swapped cells, or elements.
I have a 10" f6.3 version (put into an Alphax shutter by SK Grimes and preserving the original spacing). Am happy to measure for comparison if it helps/is needed.

29-May-2016, 21:27
An old thread but for completeness I have a Conley series V 7 inch f6.3 in the original Conley safety shutter. The lens elements in the shutter are 37.5mm overall. The front cell is 10mm from the iris to the top of the front shutter threads. The rear cell is 14mm from the iris to the top of the shutter rear threads.