View Full Version : comparison of cambo and toyo

phillip giddens
4-Oct-2003, 07:42
i am considering the purchase of either a toyo 45gx or cambo legend (pc)? can you give me some insight into the pros and cons of both - quality, durability, etc.?

John Cook
4-Oct-2003, 10:32
Having worked professionally/owned both, my general impression is that the Toyo exhibits much better fit and finish. Some elements of the Cambo are a bit more crude. If you are a car nut this will appeal to you.

On the other hand, Cambo locks seem more positive especially when the camera is shooting downward with lots of extenstion and with a heavy lens. There is more plastic in the Toyo and it requires a lighter touch on the controls. I like both.

If I may interject a little personal oppinion, the Calumet 45NX is an extremely light and simple monorail which is excellent for location work. Also, I have never found the need for the Toyo GX. The GII really does it all.

5-Oct-2003, 08:34
I have a Cambo 810N. I was considering either this or a used (rental!) Toyo 810GII. At times I think of how the Toyo might have been nicer (I believe it had more movements than just focus geared) but the Cambo is great. I could (and probably have) hang on the camera when the movements are locked and not have a problem. The only one thing that I don't like about it (other than the cost of accessories) is the sliding lensboard lock system - I have a board that's ever so slightly bent, and it makes the lock hang.

The other thing that comes to mind is that it seems easier to find rental accessories for Toyo than Cambo, though I believe lens and repro and/or calumet have some.

Good Luck.