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15-Nov-2011, 16:02
Are all Cambo SC lens boards the same other than the hole size?
I recently bought a Calumet cc-400 (4x4) lens board and the lip around the edge was farther inboard than the grove on the front standard so I found out there is a difference in those.

So I was curious about Cambo SC lens boards. I am about to order one from KEH.

Paul Ewins
15-Nov-2011, 16:39
All of the 4x5 -> 8x10 Cambos use the same style of board but I think there is also a 2x3 version that uses a smaller board. The Calumet branded boards will also fit but that is a little trickier because there are also Calumet C1, C400 and Pilot cameras that have different boards. If the dimensions are correct (161 x 161 mm I think) then it should fit.

Dan Fromm
15-Nov-2011, 17:33
The CC-400, -1, -2 are Calumet badged cameras made by Calumet, not Calumet badged cameras made by Cambo. Their boards don't interchange with Cambos.

Paul's right, the 2x3 Cambo SC and SF have smaller boards than the 4x5s.

Barry, be very careful when buying boards from KEH. I've so far bought four boards from them. Three for 2x3 Pacemaker Graphics, of which one was correct, one was for a mystery camera, and one was for a 4x5 Pacemaker Graphic. The last was represented as a board for a 2x3 Cambo SC. It didn't seem right so I asked Cambo what the casting number belonged to. They told me the board I have in hand was made for a 4x5 SC. Someone had cut it down to fit a 2x3 SC standard. KEH misrepresented it badly.

Tom J McDonald
15-Nov-2011, 17:35
I'm sure the CC-400 and the SC boards are incompatible.

16-Nov-2011, 06:49
I am not asking if the two lens boards are compatable. I have both cameras and I bought a lens board for the cc-400 that was the wrong one.
I was asking if there are different versions of the Cambo SC lens board.

16-Nov-2011, 06:57
So barring the smaller 2x3 boards, yes. However the older grey boards are flat on the outside and are easier to use for mounting large older lenses. I have always found the raised advertizing on the front to be a pain.

16-Nov-2011, 07:13
I was asking if there are different versions of the Cambo SC lens board.

As "cowanw" mantioned there are a couple of varients of the 6 inch square (nominally speaking) Cambo board for the Camob/Calumet SC/NX cameras: older ones are grey; newer ones are black with a raised area in the upper left for the name (either Cambo or Calumet).

I've never found a difference in practical usage except the black look better on a black camera. :) I've mounted a Betax4 on a newer black board with no problem from the raised label area.

Note: when I use the term "newer" I'm talking 1980 or maybe earlier as the begin date for newer.

16-Nov-2011, 15:27
I've bought maybe four or five Cambo 6x6 boards (SC, Legend) from KEH with no problems, possibly because of the distinctive locking notches that make them easy to recognize.

I've also picked up a few Calumet 400 boards, again with no problems. Some 4x4 Speed Graphic boards will "sort of" fit the Calumet, and it is quite possible that one was picked out by someone not sufficiently knowledgeable.

Marginally off-topic: something very nice to have, if you own both cameras, is the 6x6 board which adapts CC400 boards to the Cambos, particularly if you have a 4x5 back for an 8x10 Cambo (you get loooooong bellows draw...).

16-Nov-2011, 16:33
There are evidently at least two different types of cc-400, 4x4 boards. One with the light damn set in just about a 1/16th and the other set in about 3/16ths. My camera takes the 1/16th version and they sent me the 3/16th version. KEH was happy to take it back and paid for the shipping too.
I just didn't want to get into the same thing with the Cambo.