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massimo vitali
3-Oct-2003, 02:57
Hi,two years ago I had to give up 11x14 colour photography due to kodak's "46 boxes minimum order rule" Since I make 6'x7'feet prints I can feel a difference between 11x14 and 8x10 not only for the sharpness but also for the increased front coverage (my lenses have sufficent rear coverage). Does anybody know where I can buy 10/12 boxes of Portra T100 or even better of Portra NC 160 or 400.Apparently if there is enough people interested we could order Kodak to cut film for us. Has anybody done this?Is there a group buy going on right now? Thanks for all info regarding this subject.

David A. Goldfarb
3-Oct-2003, 06:26
If you wanted to make an order of Portra NC 160 or 400, I'd be in for three or four 10-sheet boxes.

tor kviljo
3-Oct-2003, 06:27
I can not help You with the 11x14 sheet film. However, I have good experience with the use of 9 1/2" wide aerial color pos. & B & W roll-film which I have cut for 4"x5" & 8"x10" sheet film holders (I have used a Meteor Siegen auto. paper dispenser for presice measuring & cutting of film. These are easy to find inexpensively now as the graphic-art lab's have turned dry & digital). I have had reasonable good access of "left-over" AGFA aerial films for that purpose. It would reduce the max size to approx 9x14" - but still much better than 8"x10" Good luck

Tor Kviljo

Justus Schlichting
4-Oct-2003, 23:59
I would be interested in a group purchase of 11x14 Portra NC 160 or 400. I would take at least 5, perhaps up to 10-12 boxes.

wm mitchell
5-Oct-2003, 10:26
Massimo, Count me in for 2-4 boxes, if you get enough interest. Thanks, BILL William Mitchell

christoph morlinghaus
5-Jan-2004, 12:39

it might be a little bit too late to jump on that train, but i would like to get about 10 boxes NC (portra T100 would be fine, too).

jeff minton
11-Jan-2004, 16:36
I would be interested in 4-6 boxes as well. It seems we are close to the minumum number kodak requires, so how do we start the process?

Justus Schlichting
12-Jan-2004, 11:52
I just made a preliminary inquiry to Kodak regarding the special purchase of 11x14 color negative material. I'm waiting now for a sales rep to contact me with more details. As soon as I get the complete story, I will post it here.

I would be glad to take the lead on this, if everyone is still interested, and no one else is interested in handling the details.

More shortly.

christoph morlinghaus
12-Jan-2004, 15:47
Does anybody have any experience in developing those 11/14 colorneg-films? I am based in Manhattan and the labs I normaly work with stop at 8/10.

Justus Schlichting
12-Jan-2004, 16:10
I haven't processed any 11x14 color yet (no film!), but I have processed b&w in a Jobo 3027 Expert drum. Since I process loads of 8x10 negative color in an Expert drum, I don't anticipate any problems doing 11x14 C-41.

David A. Goldfarb
12-Jan-2004, 18:05
In Manhattan Modernage lists 11x14" film processing as a regular service.

jeff minton
12-Jan-2004, 22:09
Thanks Justus for foraging ahead and contacting Kodak, I'm curious to hear what they have to say. I have followed a few threads about people wanting to custom order from Kodak in the past, but they never seemed to happen. So if you want to handle the details that would be great. I'm sure there are lots more people out there who are interested in 11x14 color neg that haven't posted here, so if we can get the ball rolling it might just work out.

David A. Goldfarb
13-Jan-2004, 06:32
It usually doesn't happen because the minimum order is so large, but I know people who have done it, so it is possible, and it looks like we might have enough folks here to manage it.

31-Jan-2004, 01:20
Massimo, I am going to push Kodak to make some 160nc . I need at least 400 sheets. There still is a cat number for the 100t which is ok, but i do not see why they can not make 160nc. I am hoping that you guys have not yet placed the order.

Look forward to seeing some new pictures from Massimo too,

31-Jan-2004, 01:44
Oh! I forgot.

I have found it impossible to find a way of enlarging from an 11x14 neg. I know Durst sell an adapted 8x10 enlarger for 11x14, but have no idea who has one. If anyone knows of a place to enlarge and a lab for processing in the u.s. (modernage i am not familuar with but they said they do not process 11x14, Dugal said they could try it , and color edge and diapositive said no.) I do know a place in Milan, but with fed ex now x raying film its a bit scary to send it there.

thanks again

jeff minton
2-Feb-2004, 23:15
The lab I use in Los Angeles (Nardulli) has been really helpful. They run my 11x14 b+w and tell me when I finally track down some color neg they can process that too. As far as enlarging they can only do up to 8x10 optically, but I'm going to try drum scanning an 11x14 neg then making a Lightjet (digital projection onto photo paper) up to 4x6 feet.

I asked them to speak with their Kodak rep and at last today got some concrete numbers on ordering color neg: For 160VC 11x14 film- 53 boxes of 10 @ $160.48 each ($8,505.44). I think they can make 400 speeds and NC versions for around the same price also.

I don't know if anyone here is interested in buying the lot then selling to others (Dino is looking for 400 sheets?). If not maybe I can convince Nardulli to buy it and sell to us retail.

5-Feb-2004, 20:53
That is very good, I was told a minium of 20,000 dollars and only in 100T, last year. $160 per box is a good price. I am going to order in about 2 to 4 weeks, I need to start shooting in June. I will be for 160NC, not really experienced with VC, from what I hear it is more contrasty than the NC (maybe I am wrong). I may be able to buy 55 boxes and maybe sell a few. Look forward, I may have to buy some hair spray to keep the film flat.. know any good brands???? only joking.

Richard Fenner
11-Feb-2004, 03:02
Jeff, I emailed you a while ago to check on progress. Is there any?

Justus Schlichting
11-Feb-2004, 09:50
For those of you who want to acquire 11x14 color negative film, here is a report of my search, and a request for responses.

The Kodak rep I spoke with found (after a long search and much prodding) a single catalog item (#8050585) for 11x14 Portra 100T, 10 sheet boxes at $182.56 per box, requiring a minimum order of 46 boxes.

I have also spoken to Cooter at Nardulli (a lab in LA), who assures me that he can tap a resource at Kodak who can deliver 11x14 Portra 160 VC, 10 sheet boxes at $160.48 per box, with a minimum order of 53 boxes. Cooter also said he could get Portra 400 VC in 10 sheet boxes for 196.30 per box. Thanks to Jeff Minton for finding this lead.

I am checking one last time with my Kodak rep to see if she can explain the difference (this is more for curiosity than anything else).

Until then, it appears that the Nardulli price and product (160VC) would be our best choice on a unit cost basis.

Both Nardulli and Kodak expect a single purchase for the respective minimum orders, so this purchase will require a coordinated effort and a single "purchaser" or wholesaler. I earlier indicated that I would be willing to fulfill this role, but will also be happy to relinquish it if someone else wishes to broker the deal.

In order to complete this order, I need to hear from everyone who would like to share in the purchase as soon as possible to determine if we have enough interested parties to make it financially feasible.

So please respond as soon as possible, either to this forum, or to me directly, with the number of boxes you wish to purchase, your specifics (email, name, address, phone) along with any questions or concerns you might have.

In the meantime, I will work out the specifics of how to handle the transaction and report them to the interested parties.



jeff minton
11-Feb-2004, 10:17
I am most interested in 400vc, but 160vc is good too. (4) boxes. I could give a credit card # or check.


tim atherton
11-Feb-2004, 10:19
"I am most interested in 400vc, but 160vc is good too"

you can barely find that in 8x10 these days...

14-Aug-2004, 11:29
Did this order ever take place. I have been a bit busy and did not get myself together to order. I did get hold of some out dated 100t and have ordered 2 dated boxes of Fuji from Japan.

I am hoping for 160 vc or nc.

Also if there are any labs that are good for 11x14 color I would love to know. In New York 'LTI' on 30th St can process 11x14 color and also 16x20 and 20x24 color negs and are very good. I know a place in Milano too. But for travelling it would be nice to know others.

Is anyone planning on enlarging with out digital intermediate?

I know that Durst have an 11x14 enlarger on there u.s website.

All the best