View Full Version : What focal length for enlarging 4x5?

Robert Meier
14-Nov-2011, 22:04
Is a 135mm f5.6 El-Nikkor long enough for enlarging 4x5 negatives?

14-Nov-2011, 23:02
yes. perfect.

neil poulsen
14-Nov-2011, 23:06
I don't have direct experience with the 135mm Nikkor.

My personal preference would be to have a 150mm, though. It's a little longer than absolutely necessary. I purchased my 150mm El Nikkor A for something like $60. One can find these lenses for quite moderate prices.

15-Nov-2011, 04:39
I have both the 135 nikkor is sharper than the Rodenstock it enlarges nicely
the 150 mm is very good as well lovely for portraits:) My latest scan of the print on my durst 138s with the 135mm lens:)

19-Nov-2011, 10:09
Hello Robert,
I'm fortunate enough to own both the the 135 and the 150.
Yes, both are useable for 4x5 work, the fact is that you will need less column height to enlarge big using the 135...
P.S. When Nikon announced they stopped making enlarging lenses, they dumped on the market all their remaining stock and I took advantage of it. Never regretted the 150 Rodagon I was forced to sel to lower the WAF ....

Eric Woodbury
19-Nov-2011, 12:18
I use the 135, 150, and the 180mm. They are all Nikkors. Fine lenses. Shorter for bigger prints and longer for smaller prints. The longer the lens gives more even illumination (the angles are smaller). Depending on your light source, this may not be a big deal. Try printing a blank grey to check. Nice thing is that enlarging lenses are cheap these days.