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14-Nov-2011, 14:21
I'm on the lookout for a lens that covers 8x10 good. Something in the area 18-20" (450-500mm) I'm mainly going to use this for still life photography in my studio. I've been looking at a Artar 19" that seems good, but is there any good alternatives?


14-Nov-2011, 15:07
You can easily spend a boatload of money following the recommendations of others in this focal length.
The Red Dot Artar in a barrel is a fairly inexpensive option (various shutter options can go up quickly!), and has a better coating than the older Apochromatic Artar. The Kodak Ektanon lenses are a pretty good bang for the buck. They work well at infinity and cover a lot of ground glass real estate too. There's one on the auction site for about $700. That's way out of the range they normally sell for. You can find either one of these in good condition for around $150 in a barrel mount if you're patient. Ronars are nice too. The CL series are the latest ones. These are all process lenses. You will get better performance out of a plasmat. For that focal length, you won't find an inexpensive plasmat. It really boils down to how much you want to spend.

14-Nov-2011, 16:07
For still lives, an older Artar (non-RD) in a barrel will suit you fine, as a process lens it will be optimized for your use -- use a lens shade to keep out unwanted flare.

For the money and for your intended use, it will be hard to match the performance to the dollar ratio! Of course if you want a soft look, you'll have to look elsewhere.


evan clarke
14-Nov-2011, 16:10
Nikkor 450M...one of the best lenses ever made, it's my standard lens on my 11x14, gives whopping coverage for 8x10...If you get one, it will probably appreciate in value if well cared for..EC

14-Nov-2011, 18:15
Gotta add a vote for the Copying Ektanons. (Or should I say snonatkE gniypoC?) Super sharp, single coated. I have a 17", 19 3/4" and a 21 1/4". I paid, respectively, $75, $25 and $15 on the auction site. All came with flanges. Barrel lenses, but for studio use that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

John Kasaian
14-Nov-2011, 18:19
Another vote for the 19" Artar, APO or RD---I wouldn't pass up either. A beautiful lens & quite a bit smaller and lighter than the Kodak Ektanons IIRC.

William Whitaker
14-Nov-2011, 21:01
How much bellows do you have available?

14-Nov-2011, 23:04
Fujinon 450mm C lens is excellent with plenty of excess coverage for 8x10.

John NYC
14-Nov-2011, 23:15
Fujinon 450mm C lens is excellent with plenty of excess coverage for 8x10.

Another vote for the Fujinon 450mm C. I just got one and it is great. Even though it is f/12.5, I have not found it hard to focus at all in most condition, even night city shots.