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14-Nov-2011, 07:12
I have a 180mm f5.6 Schneider Symmar S MC, Copal. Last evening I was taking some shots at dusk and needed to keep the shutter open longer than the 1 sec max on this shutter. I thought I could set the speed to "T" press the release to open and press the release to close the shutter after the number of seconds I wanted.
It didn't work that way...I pressed the release and it opened the shutter but when I pressed it again it did not shut?

I am embarrassed to ask this basic question but what is the "T" for and what is the proper way to use it?

eric black
14-Nov-2011, 07:19
you have it correct- press to open, press again to close

14-Nov-2011, 07:20
No need to be embarrassed. The way you think it should work is the way it should work.

14-Nov-2011, 07:31
... so now you still need to figure out why it didn't work for you. Did you use a cable release or the release lever (it really shouldn't natter)? Does the shuttter otherwise work as it should? I would suspect that the B or T levers (inside parts of the gutys) are gummy and your shutter might need an overhaul. If so, you'll probably also notice that the 1 sec timing is slow and sluggish too.

14-Nov-2011, 07:52
I will check to 1/sec speed to see but it seems to be fine. The x/sync port will not trip my flash either?

Brian C. Miller
14-Nov-2011, 08:31
You need to get your shutter serviced. There's a number of good service people. We should have a sticky or FAQ for that.

14-Nov-2011, 09:05
Could I get some recommendations for a good service facility? That would be a good sticky.

14-Nov-2011, 09:14
KEH, Atlanta. Only 25 miles from you , isn't it?

There are others that people like: Carol Miller at Flutot's in CA; Paul Ebell, somewhere in the midwest I think; Steve Choi in CA.

Jim Graves
14-Nov-2011, 09:14
If the shutter has not been used much, it may loosen up just by being exercised (fired) a bunch of times.

That being said, if it's to that point a CLA (Cleaning, Lubrication, Adjustment) would still be in order to ensure reliable firing and times.

Lachlan 717
14-Nov-2011, 12:46
Just make sure that you're not using a cable release that has a ring-lock. Some of these have a screw flange that acts like a "B" setting, holding the plunger down.

On occasions, this can feel like it's released when it hasn't, not allowing the second firing to release the "T" setting.