View Full Version : Looking for a thin ply photo paper

14-Nov-2011, 00:58
Can anyone suggest a thin ply lightweight photo paper? I'm looking for something similar to what they used to use for stereo cards in the later 1800's


Daniel Stone
14-Nov-2011, 01:06
probably used a single weight contact paper(like azo, or another silver chloride emulsion).

Azo(now "Lodima") is the best option IMO, a run is getting coated soon(or already has been), available in both grades 2+3(3 I believe is what is being coated). Nothing I know of is on a "super thin" base material, but there might be something I'm not aware of...


AZO/Lodima is best for contact printing only, its too slow for enlarging(although some have done it with specially built heads)