View Full Version : wowzers! 8x10 tmax costs a pretty penny!

Daniel Stone
14-Nov-2011, 00:18
apparently 8x10 Tmax 100(expired too) sure goes for quite a bargain ;)






Greg Blank
14-Nov-2011, 05:44
Ebay is the worst of the wild west, formally known as the internet.

14-Nov-2011, 06:27
That's more expensive than new TMY! It's not even as useful as TMY for photography since it has a UV blocking layer, meaning you can't do alt process printing with it.

Brian C. Miller
14-Nov-2011, 08:18
Current price at B&H for 8x10 TXP: 10 sheets for $54.95, and it's out of stock.
50 sheets would be $549.50.

Now how expensive is that eBay deal?

14-Nov-2011, 08:53
It would be 274,75. Half of what you said, but still quite expensive if you ask me =)

Robert Ley
14-Nov-2011, 16:02
If you check out the Ebay listing you will see that the seller started the auctions out at $.01 and the misinformed yahoos bid it up to those prices. Truly amazing! Old PT Barnum had it right.

14-Nov-2011, 19:41
I just brought Fomapan 100 for $157.50 for 50 sheet, me thinks I got a good deal...