View Full Version : Cambo 8X10 Bellows size

Simon Benton
13-Nov-2011, 05:49
I bought some bulk photo gear recently and included was a new set of bellows for a large format camera. The seller told me he thought it was for an 8X10 Cambo. The back and front of the bellows are mounted in a metal frame and are approx 13 inches square at the back and 6 inches square at the front. The bellows at the front are tapered. Can anyone with an 8X10 Cambo confirm that these are for a Cambo? I do not need them and will pass them on to someone who can make use of them.

13-Nov-2011, 08:13
The 6.41 inches is about right , but the back of my Cambo bellows is 11.5 inches. Both ends will have the distinctive Cambo notches
You can see them here

Simon Benton
13-Nov-2011, 12:29
It is NOT a Cambo bellows. Front metal plate measures 5 7/16 in square and back metal frame measures 12 3/16 in. Bellows extends to around 26 inches. Photos below.

erie patsellis
13-Nov-2011, 14:24
Sinar, not sure if Metering Back or earlier Norma/non metering back, I'll have to measure my M/B bellows to be sure

Simon Benton
13-Nov-2011, 17:26
Thanks for the reply Erie. I have looked at pictures showing the front of Sinar 8X10 bellows but I could not see the circular groove present on the four inner edges of the one I have. Am I missing something?

Robert Jonathan
13-Nov-2011, 20:01
Those are definitely not Cambo. I agree, these are Sinar.

erie patsellis
13-Nov-2011, 20:16
Some have them, others don't for some reason. If the rear raised portion measures 12 3/16" then it's for a metering back. PM on the way....