View Full Version : Kodak Portra 100T & Ektachrome 64t format

12-Nov-2011, 07:54
Hi all,
I've bought a lot of Kodak Ekt. 64T and PORTA 100T 4x5 film sheets as I need to shoot portraits with tungsten light.
The seller stated the packs as 9x12 film sheet, so now I've a little doubt as I have not any 9x12 holder, just the 4x5.
Does anyone know if these films were available also in the European 9x12 or it's a seller mistake?
Found nothing on the web.

16-Mar-2012, 08:04
sounds like you have the metric version of 4x5 inch film which is very annoyingly only slightly different and will require different holders.
do you still have that film? if so, i would like to buy it. i am looking out for kodak ektrachrome 64T in any sheet format. let me know if it's for sale.

16-Mar-2012, 19:28
not for sale sorry..