View Full Version : SK Grimes Business?

Michael Kadillak
30-Sep-2003, 11:27
Anything going on with SK Grimes? I have tried calling them for the last three days and all I got consistently is the answering machine. You could always count on Andy picking up the phone to answer questions. This morning the machine was full. I hope that it is a sign of a full schedule and nothing more. Any insight? Thanks in advance.

Mark Cudworth
30-Sep-2003, 11:42
From the S.K. Grimes web page:

"S.K. Grimes will be undertaking equipment upgrading, mechanical maintance and shop cleaning from September 29th - October 3rd. Please schedule shipments to arrive before or after these dates."

So, it sounds like they are busy with "fall cleaning" and that the "regular" work is piling up a bit while they make major changes to their work space. Hopefully they will start working through the backlog next week.

Ron Bose
30-Sep-2003, 16:27
Yep, Adam warned me that they were going to be busy upgrading their shop this week. I just wished I'd sent in my lensboards for modification before rather than after the shutdown, doh !