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Richard K.
10-Nov-2011, 07:27
I need to find out the distance from the front edge of the front barrel to the rear edge of the rear barrel (called h1 in Schneider spec drawings) of this lens as acurately as possible. I would appreciate it if you could do this for me and PM me the result! :)
OR...if you know where to find this information online! Darn, I used to have a pamphlet with those specs...

Hey, why are YOU reading this? You don't own a Fujinon 250mm f6.7!! :D

10-Nov-2011, 09:10
but I DO have one, and a plastic ruler to boot.
Wait I also have a vernier micrometer.
I'll see what I can do- hmm know I have some brochures and recall drawings

Richard K.
10-Nov-2011, 09:30
Thanks Ed. The reason I asked about this is that I bought one on eBay but the seller didn't tell me it was in the wrong (but Copal 1) shutter. It is, however, critically sharp, has crystal clear glass and I just have to open it up by 1/2 stop more than what the shutter says since it starts at f/5.6 instead f/6.7. Not a big deal. But since I don't need it now and may sell it, I want to assure myself and possible buyers that it is properly spaced in this shutter! Thanks for your offer of help...

Gem Singer
10-Nov-2011, 09:43


The Fuji chart shows that there might be two f6.7 250W's, both mounted in Copal 1 shutters.

One is single coated, and the other is EBC coated.

10-Nov-2011, 09:49
All the brochures I have or can find are too "new" for the W 250 6.7- I thought I had one.
I'll see if I can measure.

10-Nov-2011, 10:16
I had to use a caliper to reach over the lensboard and Seiko shutter, 1/400 tops, then used a vernier caliper to measure the gap. I read it to three decimals but i would not trust me more than two: 1.120. Oops wait off the board I can measure direct. and hey I still get 1.120 inches.
Inside the ring it states Fujinon W S 1:6.7/250 etc # 2505xx
I have never tried to detect coating by my eyball, but I see four sets of the overhead pair of flourescent bulbs in the front element ahead of the diaphragm- three are a little yellower to my eye than the bulbs, the fourth, at the end of the series is slightly purplish. At the rear, two small reflections similar and a bigger one.
good luck.
I agree it is a great lens. I bought a bargain from KEH just in time for my son's wedding and sunny sixteened the bride, in open shade- The lens and dumb luck i spose, got texture in the white gown and a good overall exposure

10-Nov-2011, 10:17

My lens has no shims.

BTW the correct aperture scale is "LS24" in case you want to look for that.

This guy (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=48760) has the aperture scale for your lens and you have his. Maybe he will swap you :)

Richard K.
10-Nov-2011, 10:42
Ed and ic-racer, thanks for your help. I measured also and averaged 78.6mm on 4 different locations 90 DEG apart, so I'm confident that the spacing is fine (my negs are also dead sharp). Ed, not sure what you measured, :) but the lens board being attached will not interfere with this measurement since the threads from the front of the shutter engage the rear element beyond the board. The spacing is a little over 3" so 1.120" is measuring...? :)

Again thanks to both of you. I've attached a .JPG of the shutter (an older Copal 1) below; not sure if the suggested LS24 will work (do they come in sets of 2 for side and front as needed?)? Where can I buy these?

Gem, I have a single-coated one; never seen an EBC coated one!


10-Nov-2011, 11:24
I have stupid fingers and a brain to match
yes 3.120- sheesh, but x 25.4 gives me 79.25mm
The first measuring I thought was too complicated and could introduce errors
perhaps an "oh nevermind" is in order

Steve Goldstein
10-Nov-2011, 19:17
Could be a shutter from a Schneider convertible or an Ilex Acuton 210mm...

11-Nov-2011, 23:37
I agree with Steve.

Chuck Pere
12-Nov-2011, 17:09
My information shows 78.5mm. PM me your email address and I'll send you a copy of the data sheet.

Richard K.
12-Nov-2011, 21:49
My information shows 78.5mm. PM me your email address and I'll send you a copy of the data sheet.

Done. Thank you!

Steve Goldstein
13-Nov-2011, 11:18
Now that I'm home I've checked my 1977 Fujinon brochure, which states 78.5mm for dimension "E", the overall length.

I also took a look at my f/5.6 Ilex Acuton in Copal 1 mount - the scales on your shutter differ slightly, so the shutter is most likely from a 210mm Symmar Convertible.